Technology and Society at Surrey

Spotlights and showcases from the University of Surrey's Strategic Research Theme Technology and Society

FASS Festival of Research 2021: ‘Technology and Life-Long Learning’ Panel.

The FASS Festival of Research 2021, hosted by the University of Surrey, was a series of virtual panels and speeches showcasing some of the University’s top research throughout the Faculties. The Festival ran from the 18th January to the 21st January, with the closing panel, ‘Technology and Life-Long Learning’, highlighting the university’s brand-new strategic research […]

Using Emotion-Symbolic Work For Social Change.

Dr Itziar Castello, Centre of Digital Economy, Surrey Business School. Itziar’s research has recently looked at how social entrepreneurs use images to convince people to enact drastic change. Through a longitudinal study based on interviews, observational, archival and social media data, Itziar analysed how anti-plastic pollution social entrepreneurs use multimodal (visual and verbal) interactions to influence their […]

Innovations in Smart Care.

Professor Christine Hine, Department of Sociology. Christine Hine is delighted to have been granted an award under the APEX scheme. These grants, promoting collaboration across science, engineering, social sciences and humanities, are jointly awarded by the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society with the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust. The […]


Dr Athina Ioannou, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Athina is working with Prof Iis Tussyadiah (PI) and Prof Graham Miller in the EPSRC-funded project on Privacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Traveller (PriVELT). The project is focusing on privacy concerns and data disclosure in travel, in collaboration with Universities of Kent, Warwick, and Durham. Our work aims […]

Technology and Society within the 2020 ESRC Festival of Social Science.

The 2020 ESRC Festival of Social Science, designed to allow social scientists across many academic institutions engage with practitioners, policymakers and professionals, about their own fascinating research, took place between the 7-15 November 2020. The week consisted of free, virtual events covering a multitude of areas with social science and presented its audiences first-hand with stimulating […]

Using Data to Improve Healthcare.

Dr Agnieszka Lemanska, School of Health Sciences. Agz’s research focuses on using information collected within routinely recorded data to improve health of people affected by cancer (e.g. data recorded in primary care when patients visit their GP or a nurse). This data is analysed to obtain specific information and answer important research questions. For example in […]