November :)


It is a beautiful day today and the leaves are still falling. England is has mostly deciduous trees, so come autumn all the trees change colors. It is really quite stunning. It has not been particularly cold here. I walk to school in just a light sweater. It does get dark by around 4-5 now. Not to worry though, the school is very well lit.

The work is really pilling up now! I sometimes have to pull 12 hour work days to keep up with my coursework, labs, reading, job hunting, extra-curriculars, and social life. I certainly appreciate it when I can just get some sleep at the end of the day. I have had some success with my job hunting however. I have currently applied to Microsoft, Feral Interactive, Fivium, IDBS, IBM, EA, and Accenture. I have heard back from Microsoft and have been passed through the CV and questions check, a situational test, and a video interview! My next step is to go to an assessment day. I will meet team members, take technical tests, work on group tests, and see if Microsoft is a good fit. I am so excited. A Microsoft placement would be a dream come true. I have converted currencies of some of the salaries that are offered to placement students in computing and they are all around $30,000! Just to put in some prospective: teachers in the USA make around $40,000 a year. I hope to find out where I will be for my placement before Christmas so I can relax a bit more.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I am starting to miss home again. My dad is coming to visit this weekend and the next, but I only have the time to see him one day. Unfortunately I have a mid-term test the Monday after the first weekend and two coursework assignments due on the Monday after the second weekend. Unlike last year my sister is not coming to visit me, so I want to have a potluck with my friends instead. I want to bring Mexican food. Burritos and quesadillas are some of my favourite food, so it seems appropriate I would bring them. I am bringing America to the UK one holiday at a time.

I shall share how it goes in a couple weeks!