Surrey Academy for Blockchain and Metaverse Applications

I am delighted to welcome everyone to the launch of Surrey Academy for Blockchain and Metaverse Applications (or SABMA). 

Firstly, I want to thank JKL Capital for their generous donation and support.  They will also invest significantly in the ideas and innovations arising from the work of this academy. 

SABMA – the Academy, homed in our Business School, will help address the national and international shortage of skills in Blockchain development.

It will offer cutting-edge short courses and organise conferences for students, academics and businesses to bring the benefits of Blockchain and the metaverse to a wider society. 

The workplace-ready graduates will be the sought-after professionals to shape the future of blockchain and metaverse, and their applications to drive the digital economic growth. 

Our academics, researchers and students will be well placed and supported to contribute to the mission of Surrey Business School – that is to inspire and enable positive change in business and society, individuals and organisations, locally and globally. 

With more partners we can do more training and research to advance blockchain science and applications through this Academy. 

SABMA’s establishment is both timely and important to fulfil the huge potential of Blockchain. 

It has already revolutionised the world as we know it, becoming part of the everyday digital infrastructure of the world – from tracing commodities like food to facilitating the movement of information and equipment. 

One of the goals of this academy is to develop cutting-edge methodology that is going to make Blockchain more sustainable. For example, by… 

  • continuing the evolution process that has enabled cryptocurrency to become far more energy efficient 
  • reducing energy wastage by sharing solar and wind supplies more efficiently 

I’d like to issue an open invitation for you to visit our campus where we’ll be happy to showcase the very best that Surrey has to offer – including our 5G/6G capability, people-centred AI, and our on-going work on the digital economy and digital healthcare. 

My colleagues and I would very much welcome the opportunities to work with you all on this exciting journey.

Thank you.