Final Week and Xmas is coming

Hello everyone!
It has been a long time since I last update my blog. The last two weeks were really intense for a Master’s student, as we had to submits our coursework, chose the project and read tons of articles. I almost lived in the library the whole time. Luckily, I could find most of my need in the library from food to hot and cold drinks. I also borrowed a blanket to literally sleep in the library. The library has hot and cold coffee and chocolate which are really good. And if I want some hot food, there is Starbuck, a small restaurant (name The Basement), and a pizza store right on campus. Although the foods are good, I think they are a little overpriced. However, when you are starving and deadlines are coming, anything is accepted.

A week ago, while I was struggling with the course work and literature reviews, my underclassman sent me a message about the food exhibition at the Rubix (a place for students and everyone to come and have some drink, have some food, chill out and release their stress). It was like heaven just open a door to a hungry man like me. I was really surprised that the Vietnamese Society of Surrey made “Xoi thit kho”. They ran out of food in just ten minutes from opening. I was a little bit late and there was only some leftover. However, there were surprisingly good. I really missed the flavor of Vietnam. I tried some from Chinese Society, some India food, some Malaysia food, and some other which I forgot their name. However, they were really delicious. After I tried over several food stands, I headed back to the library and tried to finish my works. Some of my classmates joined in and somehow I felt a little bit better. (at least, I am not the only one struggling) Moreover, when you work in groups, you are motivated by people around you and literally try harder. I finished one of my coursework at around 1 am and surprisingly, many students were still working. (I mentioned from my last post that the library is open 24/7) I was really tired, so I decided to head back to my room for some sleep. I almost missed my bus stop if my friend, who lived in the same area, did not wake me up.

A corner at The Rubis Food Exhibition

Yesterday, on 19th December, I was invited to have an early Christmas eve party with the Vietnamese Society of Surrey. It was really fun. They are young and cheerful and friendly. Most of them are the second and third years. Some are the first year. I also met two students, one is studying in France and the other is in Belgium. They come over the break to have the party together. Some just came from September 2019 and started their first year too. So I finished my last class and head to one of their member’s house. The party started at 7pm and around 15 people were there. They had sausages, rolls, ribs and a lot of food too. I was there till around 10 pm because I felt a little tired with all the class I had. The party was really fun, I would join them again.

Preparing for the party
VietSoc and other guess

Anyway, the final week is over, and Christmas is coming. Stay safe and enjoy the break
Good Luck and Have Fun