Final Exam is here!!!

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since my last post. We are having the final week, so everything is so busy. We literally live in the library for these weeks for review. Although the library at Surrey is really huge, it is almost full of students from the morning till night. Especially, we also have Simply Fresh which can supply us with almost any kind of food and drink. Moreover, the library also supplies us with blankets, which we can borrow and take short sleep right in the library. In Surrey (especially in the library), you would rarely see anyone doing nothing. The professional environment of Surrey really moves people around. Studying in the library gives me a feeling that I need to try harder as everyone around me is trying their best here.

Today, I finished my first exam in Biomechanical. The exam was really harder than I expected. However, the review did pay off. I managed to finish all the questions. Anyway, when I write this post, I just head back to my room after a long exam day and study in the library. I will take some rest for today and I am going to study for my next exams tomorrow.

Anyway, I think some of you are taking the final too. So, all I want to say is try your best and get what you want. Never give up!

Good luck and take care!

From Surrey with love.