Surrey meets Africa

An insight into life at Surrey from three current African students

Housing Beyond the University

Now being the time of the year that most first-year students are delving into the house hunting process, I thought this was good to offer my advice on this – particularly to help those international students who may not be familiar with the housing situation in the UK and UK universities.   Finding your friend […]

It’s the 2nd term 📚

Hello Everyone, We just started the 2nd term and I am really excited! Excited to be back to the classroom, learning and engaging with the professors…however not so excited about having to work on assignments again AND let’s not even begin to talk about dissertation writing. Nevertheless, I am happy and I can already feel […]

So what exactly is Criminology?

“Wait, so what really is Criminology?” This is a question I tend to get asked a lot, so today I thought I would finally address it, just to give an idea of what it really is I’m doing at Surrey and hopefully help out those thinking of studying Criminology.     Simply put, Criminology is […]

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