Surrey meets Africa

An insight into life at Surrey from current African students

Returning to University after placement

Hi everyone! It is no surprise that as our final year of studies begins, many students coming back from their years in industry face some challenges in transitioning back into academic life. This year, I was no exception as a lot about the university had/has changed since my 2nd year of studies, especially as a […]

Full speed into third year!

Hello again everyone! I hope you’re all well and are enjoying the beginnings of winter or the beginnings of summer, depending on where you are in the world! I am currently three weeks into my final year here at Surrey, and I have to say, the workload of this year is definitely more than last […]

Mid-Autumn Festival

Hi everyone, In a previous post, Why I chose to study in the UK, I spoke about the Quality of Education being my number one reason. And this reason is essentially a double edged sword, because not only do British universities rank highly and there are a variety of courses available, but also many people around the […]

Moving in weekend

Hi everyone, This past weekend was the long awaited ‘Moving-in Weekend’ at the University of Surrey. It is one of our favourite weekends of the whole year as we welcome thousands of new students to the campus from around the world. For most of them they are experiencing university life for the very first time!   ‘Moving In […]

Ending my search for a placement!

Hello again everyone! Summer is drawing to a close, and with university soon approaching once again, I have recently had to notify the university that I was unsuccessful in my search for a Placement training year. Throughout second year, I applied to numerous placement year positions, and although I made it to the interview stage […]

A late-summer BBQ

Hi everyone! The summer of 2021 is quickly coming to pass and suddenly it is dawning on me how quickly time flies when you are having fun. The beginning of semester one in my final year of university is quickly approaching and there are so many amazing things I am vigorously anticipating. For starters, this […]

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