Surrey meets Africa

An insight into life at Surrey from three current African students

The First 3 Weeks Back

Wow! Can it already be 3 weeks that’ve been back? It would seem time has grown legs and run away without me… Again. You close your eyes for a few minutes, and you’ve lost a few days. But I guess that’s life, and all the more reason to make the most of ours. The first […]

Welcome Back!

Well, a lot has happened and changed over the past few months. University has now moved predominantly online, we all wear face masks and hand sanitiser has taken the place of lecture snacks in our winter coats. The changes are rather overwhelming. The whole of 2020 has been rather overwhelming, but hang in there! Keep […]

Females of the Future

Hi everyone! Back on the lockdown series… This week, the UK government made an unexpected U-turn in lockdown restrictions, announcing that informal social gatherings (indoors and outdoors) of more than six people will be illegal in England from Monday, with some exemptions for organised gatherings. This was quite a contrast to the much more relaxed […]

Bristol Day Trip

Hi everyone! Back on the lockdown series… Lockdown restrictions in the UK are gradually being lifted with many businesses and services resuming their operations this month. At the University of Surrey, the library reopened on Tuesday and is providing access to study spaces, academic skills advice, and printed collections. Last weekend, my friends and I […]

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