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Skyrocket Your Interview Success by Preparing Your Appearance

Guest blog post by Jack Prenter. Jack went to the University of Nottingham and now lives in Toronto, Canada, where he runs, a publication for millennial men who want more out of life. The inconvenient truth that many of us prefer to ignore is that we all make judgements of people based on the […]

4 Ways to Boost Your Employability This Summer

We are delighted to welcome a guest post from Mark Bradford, Marketing Executive from STEMGraduates.  Already growing tired of Homes Under the Hammer marathons? Fed up of the endless grunting on centre-court? Why not get to work on securing that work experience you feel your CV is slightly lacking? Here are our 4 tips to boost your […]

Sprint Programme: “The opportunity to hear from female speakers about their lives and careers changed the way I viewed my future”

Lauren Page, UG BEng Electronic Engineering (Level 5) completed the Sprint Programme, a development programme for female undergraduate students, in May 2017. Here she reflects on the huge impact that the programme has had on her self-confidence and future career aspirations! “As an electronic engineering student I am acutely aware of the gender imbalance within […]

5 reasons why graduates should start their careers at a startup or SME

Guest blog post by Sophie Hudson, Head of Community at TalentPool – a recruitment platform matching recent graduates with job and internships opportunities in startups & SMEs. Any views expressed reflect those of the author and not the Employability & Careers Centre.  With graduation fast approaching and no graduate scheme lined up for once the […]

A winning attitude for interviews: confidence with humility

  Students often share their discomfort with ‘selling themselves’ in an interview situation and struggle with appearing confident.  How can you appear confident in your abilities without sounding boastful? If you’ve been called to an interview you have already done a great job, as most applicants fall away at the application form stage.  It costs […]

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