Hi, I am your new blogger!

Hello everyone, I would like to start my blog by introducing myself to you. My name is Diana and I’m from Hong Kong. I am a first year student studying Psychology. I have been studying in the UK for the pass 4 years, in other words, I did my GCSE and A-levels qualifications instead of the Hong Kong DSE. I applied to university through UCAS so I will be able to answer any questions you may have on coming to the UK to do GCSE or A-levels and how to apply to uni through UCAS.

In the Hong Kong blog, I will be sharing my experience so far studying at the University of Surrey and other bits of my daily life.

To start off, I would like to share why I chose to study at Surrey. Similar to many other students, I was very confused and had no idea what to do when I was told that it is time to choose a uni that you want to go to and spend the next 3 to 4 years there. So teachers from my A-level college suggested to me to go to some university fairs and open days.

I first found out about Surrey from one of the uni fairs I went to, the student ambassador on duty that time encouraged my friend and I to go visit the uni on its open day. At that time, I was open to any ideas and suggestions. My friend, Stephanie and I came to visit the uni last October, in 2014. I was impressed by the well-organized helps and events the uni arranged. There were helpers in the train station pointing out directions to the uni, helpers everywhere at uni to offer help and answer any questions I had and tour guides giving tour around the campus and the student accommodation. The weather was very nice and sunny that day, so it just added extra points for the university. Both Stephanie and I were very pleased with the environment, the facilities and the courses the uni offered. Therefore, we both decided to apply to Surrey.

Now, we both ended up getting into our first choice university and doing the courses we wanted to do.*


I hope you enjoy reading this post and I will post again soon!;)


(This photo was taken on the open day by the lake.)


*Stephanie is doing BSc Media, Culture and Society, and she is enjoying it!

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