Surrey Decides!!

Hi everyone! Hope you have had a lovely weekend despite the horrible weather. It is February and it can only mean one thing! It’s Surrey Decides!! Yeah!! (Clap clap clap) If you are a current student, I am sure you have already seen a lot of posters and banners that been put up literally everywhere on […]

Semester 1 results are out! (+study skills!)

Hope you guys are doing great! The university have just released the semester 1 results and I am quite happy with it!:) Apart from all the great activities you do at university such as socialising with friends or getting skills from work experiences- I still think that study hard is my main responsibly as a student. Let […]

TEAM SURREY! #surreynotsorry

As a sociology student and seemingly not a sporty person, I am very glad that I can talk about sports societies after studying here for 4 years! The University of Surrey offers over 150 sports clubs and societies for students to join and you can certainly find a sport that matches your interests: (and more!) Every year […]

How I Got Here

How I got into university seems like a such a self-explanatory question, you apply, you receive the required grades and you wait for the good news.  But for me, it was actually quite different from that. Basically, I was not doing well in secondary school and I kind of had the idea that maybe higher education was […]

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