Thoughts on placement year – Part 4: preparation

I have received queries from prospective students regarding placement preparation recently. Just thought it might be something that others were interested in as well. So I decided to dedicate another blog to talk about my placement year. This time, I will put the focus on the placement preparation and coursework.

Accommodation during placement

Depending on the placement provider, some offer on-site accommodation, while some do not. If they don’t, you will have to search by yourself. Some popular sites include Airbnb, spare-room, and private student accommodation. From my experience, it does take some time for the search. And particularly when you are just renting for a relatively short period makes it even more difficult. My recommendation would be asking course mates that perhaps just finish their placement in that hospital, or start your plan as early as possible.

Preparations for placement

I made a proforma before the start of the placement. They are some questions or tick boxes to prompt me during consultation. You might want to revise modules from Year 1 and 2, and get yourself familiar with all the guidelines, equations etc. It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the feeds and oral nutritional supplements (ONS) used in the hospital. During the first week, get your heads around all the resources and flyers available in the hospital. And don’t forget about the common protocol or emergency feeding regimen. Getting resources organized in the beginning could make your life much easier especially when you are in your consolidation weeks!

Coursework during placement

You have to complete a portfolio, where you have to demonstrate how you have met each learning outcome. The learning outcomes will be signed off once you have collected sufficient evidence from different assessment tools. But no worries if you can’t understand xd, you will be given training and tutorial on completing your portfolio. And once you have completed the portfolio, able to keep the competency of each learning outcome till the very end of the placement. Then, congratulations! You have passed!!!

I hope this blog has answered some of your queries about placement preparation. And please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or particular concerns that you want me to specify on:)