HEY GUYS! HERE COMES MY SECOND YEAR! Honestly, one of the things I wish I did at the beginning of my first year was dedicate a bit of my time to one society, going to their events, making new friends and becoming part of a new family. Yes, I’ve been part of a few society, […]

Cooking on your own?

Hey guys! I’m coming into my second year, so that means a ton of workload and irregular meals, I came back to the UK two weeks before freshers’ week and yet, I still can’t manage to fit in a little grocery shopping. Luckily I saw this coming, so I tried out a meal delivery service: […]

Four must-do at FRESHER’s WEEK

Hello everyone, First of all a warm welcome to all of the 2018-entry HK students! It was like longer than a month before we last time met at the pre-departure talk.   Hope everyone as a Surrey’s fresher is enjoying the fresher week! These days were a bit tough to me because I was struggling with […]

Surrey Opens for all!

Hey Guys! It was great to meet some of y’all yesterday! I have only just arrived last Tuesday, been busy unpacking and settling back in! I had to make sure I was all set and ready for work on Saturday! Luckily we landed on a sunny day- everyone seemed energetic and ready for the day ahead! […]

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