Utilise the library

Have you all started the Easter holiday yet? I have just finished all my deadlines, and I am so ready for the break! I will be sharing some study tips and helpful library resources to you today. Hope this can get everyone slightly more prepared for any upcoming assignments.   Let’s start off with top […]

Raise a grievance at study

Hello everyone, There were, indeed, some grievance happening around myself in recent days. I think I have failed in one of my MT interviews because I was told that I should have read the job requirements before applying that at first place. Although tbh I knew that it is next to impossible for that particularly company […]

When Beauty meets the Beast

Hello everyone🦌🦌, Last week we Surrey students witnessed a story of romance – Beauty and the Beast. Reports have suggested that UK has experienced the worst weather❄️❄️ ever 1963. With temperatures plunging below freezing, the collision of ‘Storm Emma’ with the Beast from the ‘East the Storm Emma’ creates powerful chemistry that affects every single […]

Ways to find off-campus accommodation

How is everyone after the “Beast from the East”? The campus was covered with layers of snow for a week; Storm Emma apparently hit England with the coldest Spring ever! Surprisingly, the weather was even chillier in late February than in December.         Today I want to introduce some ways of searching […]

Support Team Surrey!

Hi everyone!   Today I am going to talk about Varsity 2018. Team Surrey is formed by students who are in sports teams, whereas they would represent the University of Surrey to play competitions against other universities. And Varsity means the universities leagues that students are taking part at the moment. Last year, Team Surrey […]

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