Colours Ball (+more about sports club!)

When I was still studying in Hong Kong, I always see my overseas friends joining proms and balls (and of course party haha :P)! 4 years gone by and it’s finally my very first time to join a formal event! Colours Ball is an annual event which celebrates sports achievements over the past year. As […]

Why I Chose Surrey

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, it’s so nice being able to relax.  I feel like every time I go home (HK), there’s always something new and I am constantly rediscovering my city.  Since I just got back, there is not much to talk about University life wise but I do want to share […]

Home At Last

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying their Easter break!  I still cannot believe we will have an entire month off!! (also don’t have exams right after which is always a bonus :P) I arrived on the 1st of April and I had not realise how much I have missed Hong Kong.  I have not been home […]

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