Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Indian students.

Familiar Culture & Celebrations

Heeyylloo to all readers !!! International students are most enthusiastic here when it comes to living cultures and embracing their own wherever they would get the oppurtunity. It is so often observed how students love eating food of all countries and continent once their reach from home food is detached for the semester till they […]

Familiar Grounds of Recreation

Heeyylloo to all readers !!! The general prerequisites of international students especially Indians for one find their comfort zone with even a fragment of familiarity around them. One thing the University of Surrey excels is comfort and convenience. Being an architect as well as a musician, I get the blend of both pleasures every day at […]

Busy Having Fun!

Hello Again!! It was crazy, my first week here. And, the university understands how crazy things can get for an international student to be able to come here and settle down without much hassles. I owe a lot to the International Orientation Programme and the welcome week, because it answered a lot of my questions. […]

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