Canterbury, Kent


EXAMS ARE OVER! (For me =p)

I finished my last exam for the semester just yesterday. I have about 2 weeks left until semester 2 starts. Since most of my friends are still in exam mode, I decided to pick up odd jobs to fill up my time. Next week will be Reading Week which is where you catch up on some pre-reading and relax for a bit in between exams and the start of a new semester.

Since some of us would take this time to take a short trip, I thought that I would blog about Canterbury, a place near and dear to my heart. It is a “university town” because there are so many universities and colleges located around it, you can normally see a lot of international and local students in the town centre. It takes around 2 and a half hours from Guildford by train or 1 hour from London St Pancras.

It is a beautiful town and right in the centre of it is the famed Canterbury Cathedral. It is breathtakingly majestic. 

This is a view from inside the cathedral that I took on a very lovely day.

Image result for canterbury cathedral

The outside view of the cathedral. (Picture source: Wikipedia)

It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The whole town is so thick with history, you can practically smell it. (Or it might just be a nearby crêpe stall.)

There is also a lot of good food there. For us Malaysians who miss the amazingly authentic Asian food in Malaysia, there are a few really good Asian restaurants in town. There is a Thai restaurant and grocery store, a really nice Korean-Japanese restaurant and also a few Japanese restaurants with amazing ramen.

The views there can also be admired by punting around the town centre. Image result for canterbury punting

(Picture source:

After punting, you can sit down and have tea in the many pretty cafes. Or you could go shopping on the high street.

Besides that, you can take a bus from the town centre to the seaside! Margate is pretty popular as they have Dreamland, an amusement park and it is by the sea. Whitstable is also a place I go to just chill by the seaside and eat fresh seafood, namely lobster and oysters.

I’m sure there are many other things to do while you are there that I have not mentioned but these bring back the fondest memories to me.

If you are a student here in Surrey, I encourage you to visit when you are free as Guildford is so accessible to the different parts of England. A 2 and a half hour train journey to a beautiful historical city and the seaside, and a mere 30-minute train ride to London, a city buzzing with life.

Until next time,

Buh bye!

Isabelle N.