Exams? UCAS?

Hello again!

I seem to have taken over this blog. But the reason I can afford to post every week is because I am still a first-year student in my first semester. Hehe.

The other ambassadors have been busy preparing for their examinations and whatnot as it is revision and examination period right after our Winter vacation. I, on the other hand, have the luxury of taking it easy as my Semester 1 modules are still pretty general. The first year is pretty much meant to help ease us into university life. So do not worry about getting thrown into the deep end here at the University of Surrey.

I know from some of my friends that most of you have sent in your UCAS applications.

First of all, I wish you all the best of luck in getting into your dream universities. (Or the University of Surrey in some cases, yippee!)

But I also know how nerve-wracking it is waiting for a response to your applications. How I dealt with it was that I just tried to enjoy the period in between going into university and after sending in my application. That is of course if you have already gotten your final results and can no longer do anything that will contribute to you getting into university. (If you used your predicted grades, work hard and give it your all!) Take this time and do something productive! Travel, do volunteer work, work part-time to help with your finances in university. I do not think there will really be another chance where we can be so carefree.

On to another topic, I recently helped lead a campus tour and got the chance to have lunch with some applicants. I found out that a Malaysian applicant actually recognised me from this blog! I also have friends who were doing research on universities to apply to and stumbled upon this blog. I am glad that potential applicants managed to find this blog and then took their time to read it. We really hope our posts help you!

We do not know what you, as readers are curious about and would like us to write. It can range from something like “What would I need to pack for my first time living away from home?” to “What do we like about our courses and the university?”. (I just gave myself ideas for future posts. Yay me!) We will try to write about any requests that we can relate to or think we can help with. You can just leave a comment or email us at malaysia@surrey.ac.uk. If it is a more personal question, we can reply to you via email.

Thanks so much for reading!

Buh Bye!

Isabelle N.