Musicals Galore!


Since I last updated, I got the chance to watch 2 West End musicals!

I went to both within the same week, overkill, I know.

The first one was Mamma Mia!Image result for mamma mia musicalSource:

It was amazing! This musical was very nostalgic for me as it is my mother and I’s favourite ever musical. I had to try very hard to not sing along as to not annoy everyone else in the theatre. This was at the Novello Theatre near Covent Garden. It had a rather simple set with¬†only one large main piece but the way they paid attention to the details and changing of pieces on the stage was just engineered to perfection.

A few days and a very spontaneous purchase of tickets later,

WE WENT TO WATCH WICKED.Related imageSource:

This was slightly pricier compared to Mamma Mia! and was situated in the Victoria Apollo Theatre just opposite Victoria Station. OMG. It was worth every single penny. TAKE MY MONEY! I have been trying to describe how I feel about this musical for the past 10 minutes and honestly, no words do it justice. The cast that I watched was lead by Alice Fearn as Elphaba and Sophie Evans as G(a)linda. I regret not buying the CD of their soundtrack as they added their own flair to the characters that differed from Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. I cannot recommend this particular cast and musical highly enough.

I had an amazing time! I learnt to really appreciate the details of everything. The way the actors act with such emotion and sing at the same time. The power to captivate a whole theatre full of people does not come easy.  Can you tell that I have a passion for musicals? I do, I do, I do, I do, I do. (ABBA/ Mamma Mia! reference. Heh.)

Semester 2 has started now and I have to get my head back out from the clouds. It’ll take me a while though.

P.S It’s the Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Buh Bye!

Isabelle N.