Entry. 4: Chinese New Year

Hey everyone! Long time no talk!

After a very busy winter break and exam season I am back! So some updates : I went home to Malaysia for 3 weeks and I came back I was drowning in work to prepare for exams. After exams, I was in London for some time to meet some friends. Semester 2 started about the same period of Chinese New Year! So it has been a couple of years I’ve missed Chinese New Year but I’m used to it by now. To make up for loss time, Malaysian Society decided to do a Chinese New Year dinner. The committee cooked food for dinner and it was extremely delicious. Almost everyone came wearing red/pink or some flowery pattern for the festivity!


Not to mention, I love being in the committee of the Malaysian Society it is fun and enjoyable to work with people from home. Overall, the event was a success and celebrating Chinese new year away with friends was just as fun.

See you soon.