Women's Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon

An International Network Funded by the Leverhulme Trust

Women and the Canon Conference, January 2016

On 21st January, members of the network attended the Women and the Canon Conference, Christ Church, University of Oxford, and took part in a roundtable discussion about the project Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval English Canon. The Women and the Canon Conference was a two-day event, organized by a group of postgraduates and early […]

Touching Jesus: Christ’s Side Wound & Medieval Manuscript Tradition

  In summer 2015, I was a participant in a National Endowment for the Humanities seminar on Manuscript Materiality. As seminar participants, we experienced first-hand the laborious and delicate work required of medieval scribes to produce the written word. While experimenting with techniques for making parchment, scraping quills, preparing ink, crafting paper, and assembling a […]

Gaelic women’s songs 1400-1600

From the four-hundred-year span of our Leverhulme-funded project, ‘Women’s Poetry in Ireland, Scotland and Wales’, more than two hundred Gaelic songs attributed to female poets have survived. The earliest of these, some of which are attributable to named poets from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, provide an intriguing glimpse of women’s lives in the Gàidhealtachd, […]

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