Women's Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon

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Academics Possessed: Medieval Ideas of Authorship & the Importance of Archives

A.S. Byatt’s Booker prize winning novel Possession (1990) opens with the dramatic discovery of drafts of two previously unknown letters in the pages of a long ‘undisturbed’ book in the London Library. The letters are in the hand of a (fictitious) famous Victorian poet. The person who finds the letters is a research assistant to […]

From Ping-pong Cupboards to Gdańsk Archives: Finding Margery’s Voice

Gdańsk, Archiwum Państwowe, APG 300, 27/3, fol. 12r. Akta miasta Gdańska – Missiva, 12 June 1431. Margery Kempe’s arrival in the modern world was surprisingly quiet. In 1910, Edmund Gardner published a brief account of the East Anglian mystic as printed in 1521 by Henry Pepwall – itself a reprint of a 1501 pamphlet by […]

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