Long Time No Blog


Remember me? I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last blog. I’d love to say that in the time I’ve been away I’ve just been living life..I wish. Uni has just been stress non-stop. Who knew third year would be so time-consuming? (Well probably everyone lol). Immediately we went on break I just shut off from everything uni related. Well it’s officially the Christmas break and everyone’s turning up and living life, me? i’m just going to be in my room, cuddled up with Netflix whilst stressing out about how i really should be studying. That’s the thing about Uni holidays, they’re all a scam (except summer lol).

You think you deserve to go on break because you’ve worked so hard throughout the semester but in reality, what you should be doing is spending all your time in the library all because of January exams. I hope you all are enjoying your holiday though. Uni has gotten a lot quieter now, some people think it gets so lonely but I think I low-key like it.

I’d like to know what you guys dislike most about the holidays or what you think would be your least favorite part about being an international student away from home during the holidays or otherwise. I know for me it’s just watching people enjoy food (small chops mainly) on my Snapchat and knowing if I wanted some i’d actually have to put in effort. Yes I’m lazy like that.

But I would really love to hear from you guys! What will you miss most about Nigeria? What worries you most? What would you guys want us to blog about?

Leave a comment! Ask questions!

Enjoy your holidays guys!

Best Wishes,