Surrey meets Nigeria

This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

Think ahead…think careers

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s good?! Hope everyone’s settled in properly by now. I’ve spent the last week trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m now a Master’s student. Like really, where does the time go? So, with the threat of life after uni looming, today’s blog is about careers. One thing I […]

What to do….

HEY! How’s everyone doing?? Like joke the holiday is actually almost over. How?? Time flies so quickly nowadays. Then you look back and think…what exactly have I been doing with my life? How are you guys dealing with the holiday blues? Lemme know! Anyway, last week I promised to write about things to do/places to […]

Countdown to Welcome Week!

Hello! Hi! *Clears cobwebs* I can’t lie, its been a minute. A very long minute. I don’t even know what to say. You know when everything goes from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK?! Like one minute you’re cruising and everything’s good, then the next, trailer jam from nowhere? Hope everyone’s good?! It’s come to that […]

Getting ready to come to Surrey?

But seriously, are you getting Ready? By this time last year, I was getting ready to come to Surrey…Did I say getting ready? I think I was almost set. My suitcase was packed like this    … Yes! I started packing quite early… Some other requirements for getting ready included taking the TB test which […]

My 1st night on Campus – COLD!

Hello again, Two posts ago, I had promised to share my experience on my first ‘day’ on campus but in correction it’s actually my first ‘night’ on Campus. It’s exactly 10 months and 26 days that I arrived on the University of Surrey grounds. I landed in Manor Park at about 11.56pm on the 23rd […]

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