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Why Myanmar’s ethnic minorities lose faith in federalism and peace

  In May 2017, Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi invited representatives from across her deeply divided nation to a new round of peace talks. About 1400 delegates from government, parliament, military, political parties, civil society and ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) attended the meeting that covered political, social, economic, military and environmental issues. Unsurprisingly, a […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to end July

As we roll around to the summer break, I’ve updated the various infographics to reflect the (small) progress in Article 50 over the past month. The main points to note are the development of substantive negotiations, which suggests a general commitment to making a fist of things, balanced by the very limited progress in those […]

The political and reputational costs of ‘no deal’

Today, UK in a Changing Europe publishes its report on “The Cost of No Deal“, to which I’ve contributed. Here I consider some of the wider ramifications. There is one than one way that the Article 50 process might fail to reach an agreement and it is useful to consider each of these in turn, […]

The ballad of Jean-Claude and Yoko: understanding euroscepticism

Last week, I snuck in an extra posting, as part of my reflections on a workshop I attended at Sussex on Brexit and euroscepticism. As I mentioned in passing, there were other ideas that floated around my head that day, including this one. One of the more persistent ideas that I have tried to communicate […]

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