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The Interventionist Fallacy?

Right now it is impossible to watch the News on TV, to open a newspaper, or to go online, without coming across discussion about the merits or otherwise of international intervention in Syria and Iran. In the case of Syria the main driver is human protection in response to the government’s brutal crackdown on its […]

Simple, trivialising mistakes

An exchange today on twitter with @UKnotEU and @EUlondonrep reminded me that it’s easy for even those with a good knowledge of the European Union to get confused.  Thus the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) suddenly got rolled into the EU (European Union), when it’s actually a part of the Council of Europe (CoE), […]

Fool Britannia? The UK and a Multi-speed Europe

Professor Alex Warleigh-Lack At the European Council summit this evening and tomorrow, David Cameron must face up to a dilemma that has plagued all his predecessors since John Major: can Britain really be at the heart of the European Union while choosing to stay out of many key EU activities? It was Prime Minister Major […]

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