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Negotiating Brexit: The view from the EU

Today sees our second event in our ESRC project “Negotiating Brexit“, with a long list of speakers from across the EU. To summarise much of this, I’m sharing an update of of our previous infographic, highlighting who’s involved and what they’re prioritising in the Article 50 negotiations. PDF version here: A50 MS positions Oct 18 You […]

The pros and cons of a longer transition

So, no breakthrough, but also no collapse. Not the most ringing endorsement for yesterday’s European Council discussion on Article 50, but given the possible alternatives, certainly not the worst it could have been. Still the focus remains on the backstop for Ireland. Usefully, we might remember that this backstop has become an issue for two, […]

Brussels, not Birmingham

I’ll be frank with you: I’ve never done a full party conference. Some fringe activities, yes, but not the whole shebang. Indeed, the nearest I’ve got is the pile of DVDs of an early 2000s UKIP conference, back when I worked more on euroscepticism (and when UKIP sold DVDs of their conference). This is all […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to September

Life moves pretty fast, and we’re back to our regular monthly update on progress in Article 50. Maybe life moves too fast, because essentially there isn’t any progress to report, once again. September certainly saw a lot of activity, in terms of meetings and discussion, but the underlying negotiations haven’t appreciable moved on, certainly around […]

The framing of a second referendum

Away from Salzburg and its repeat performance of ‘how we don’t really understand each other‘, the question that I’m getting asked a lot is whether there can be a second referendum. This is an interesting one, because it’s often asked of me by people who’d like to see the end of Brexit and a return […]

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