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Can you tell what it is yet?

As a child, I used to like watching a TV programme where a bearded Australian would talk about some cartoons that he was going to show, hurriedly sketching a character in some dynamic pose. Part of the fun was the way he caught the characters’ essence: distilling them into a single image. Of course, this […]

Infographic: what’s agreed in Article 50?

Because I know you like them and because it’s good to take stock, here’s a new infographic for you. This one summarises how much has been agreed so far in the process. You’ll note several points: Nothing is legally locked in yet, and won’t be until the final text is reached, probably in October. However, […]

Nothing is agreed

I think I’ve discovered a new condition. I’m calling it Maioaviophobia, or a fear of Theresa May getting on a plane. Somehow, it’s taken until now to notice that it’s the flights that seem to produce the most erratic political behaviour from the Prime Minister. Just think back to that walking holiday last Easter, or […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to January

A quiet month in Article 50 land, marked only by various lower-level talks and by the EU working through their approval process for the Phase 2 mandate. The updated infographics don’t have much to show, although I’ve made my first call on removing a barrier to reaching a deal, namely over sequencing. However, this is […]

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