Crossing the Atlantic

An insight into life at Surrey from current US students

Placement Year Prep

Hello! This post is directed at those who are interested or are doing undergraduate programs at Surrey. For those who do not know, one of the distinguishing factors that set UK schools apart from American schools is the opportunity to do a placement year in industry during the third year of the degree. If you […]

Getting Involved

Hey, I learned in high school that getting involved is very important. That sounds like advice parents give, but they are right. I after years of dance classes, I joined my high school dance team and they became some of my best friends. Having the connection to people who have the same interests and goals […]

British Perceptions of Americans

Hello Again! British perceptions of Americans are one of my favourite things to appreciate. Most of the knowledge that they have about the Land of the Free and what many Americans claim as the “Best Country in the World” is based off Hollywood…With that in mind, we know that they have a very accurate idea […]

Cheeky Nandos and Banter

Hey! Recently there has been a craze on twitter and various social medias to define “cheeky nandos”. Apparently an American was wondering what it was and the British have been trying to define the term with little success. It is now my turn, hopefully being an American will help 🙂 Let’s start off by explaining […]

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