Professional Certification in UK….Scholars opportunity

Scholar beware…..”Every course studied in the UK has a professional body backing and certifying it…the achievement of this certification at whichever level is value adding to any scholar and to any employer….”


Not long ago, I got a chance to talk to a friend interested in studying Energy Economics course at Masters level in the UK. Digging deep into the university archives and learning more about my career, an interesting thing propped up. Many scholars who get an opportunity to study in UK get consumed into the only very courses that they study, and forget one huge opportunity that the UK offers, the one opportunity that many employers value in the dynamic field where lots of people vying for the same job have similar qualification. Assuming that an advert is put across for a certain job, and five of the potential employees have similar qualifications, what is it that will differentiate one candidate from the rest? I call this the employer-employee dilemma.


…..the UK plays hosts to a number of prestigious professional certification bodies with a world class reputation. At least every course offered in UK has a professional certification that solves the potential employer and employees’ dilemma. So, to every scholar, especially international students, consider this….

Every scholar studying in UK has an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the rest, first by the prestige the UK education provides, the exposure and the opportunities that come with it, the networking opportunities, the many friends et al. But one thing that being in UK enables one to have is an opportunity to access the many professional bodies spanning the many careers around the world.

Energy examples


Think of the Energy Economists (my field, the Energy Institute offers lots of professional development courses like Chartered Energy Manager certification), think of the Safety and Engineering students have an opportunity to be certified by NEBOSH, one of the most prestigious health and safety professional bodies with a worldwide reputation and with great workings in UK, all the social scientists have all the prestigious certification bodies around to check out for their professional certification, all the Engineering students have nothing to complain about given the UK position in world class Engineering works, which are made possible by enhanced standards that value professionalism etc.

NEBOSH AccreditedThe value of these qualifications go a long way in creating a niche that solves many employers dilemma.  I have worked in the oil and gas sector for five years and    in this sector, additional professional qualifications coupled together with experience goes a long way in enhancing ones career. UK fortunately hosts a number of the bodies that offer this professional developments, come to think of any extra professional achievement you have ever wished for, then just google for a body that offers that in UK, you will definitely find one.

To every scholar in the UK, and especially for the international scholars, professional qualifications achievement is a route you may consider taking, an enhancement to your parent qualification here in UK, and a huge boost to your career growth.  In the meantime, my Chevening journey continues, my journey towards being a Chartered Energy Manager continues and in a few months….this will be done. Consider what I told you….