London Tour – Chinese New Year

If you have not heard me say it before, let me say it here and now: I.. love… London!  The list of reasons is tremendously long but one reason right at the top is that the city is incredibly diverse!

To me, it is some form of illuminating bulb attracting different people from all over the world; they come together here sharing in their culture, talent and innovative ideas and the result is this… rich… and vibrant… London.


One of my more interesting adventures in London yet, involve Chinese New Year…

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, I was invited to my Chinese friend’s home for a home-cooked dinner attended also by her extended family. This was particularly special to me as an international student because for one, my own family’s dinners take place over 6000 miles away and secondly, I got to witness and partake in a different culture, one with a family dynamic different to what I grew up with, all the while also picking up new recipes and meal ideas 😉

sesame balls – one of the dessert dishes


sea bass – one of the main dishes


There was an even bigger festival taking place in London China Town the next day. I got to see LIONS, UNICORNS and DRAGONS dancing all around the city! Don’t believe me? I’ve got the pictures to prove it…


lion dance for good luck


unicorn dance (catching the vegetable means good luck for the shop owner)


dragon spotted soaring over the busy parade


I loved being part of this experience and I look forward to more exciting bursts of culture…

That’s all for now folks,