Brighton Tour

Living in a different country is a very exciting affair; I always have an eye out for new and invigorating things to see and do and I am particularly keen on witnessing what exactly the country itself has to offer. To this effect, I had been persistently asking my friends to show me cool spots around the UK for a long time, when they suggested visiting the city of Brighton, I agreed without a second thought. It was during the week after our end-of-semester-one exams and we were looking for a nice break from the stressful exam season…

One of my friends grew up in Brighton so we already had a free tour-guide around the high-spirited city; all we had to do was buy our tickets and off we went.

It dawned on me then that there is a lot of independence that comes with being a university student… more than I have ever known. It is up to us to use this independence… this youth… visiting new places and soaking up new and positive experiences… there is no excuse to sit and do otherwise.


Brighton is one of the more “vivacious” cities in England. It is a city with so much character and zeal… MUCH colder and windier than London or Guildford. I experienced this in truth when I walked by the beach that Saturday…

It was my first time visiting a beach of this kind;¬†with pebbles not sand… freezing cold not scorching with heat…but still beautiful nonetheless.


For lunch, we stopped by “GoFries”¬†, a place that specialises on fries/chips alone. I had the some of the most perfect fries here… light, crispy, fluffy, crunchy.. all at the same time. They had some signature sauces that were served along with the fries- these were equally as good.


Brighton pier was another “must-see”. It had an amazing arcade, home to several hundred exciting games, and an amazing view.

The red blanket scarf is a testament to the chilling winds.



We ended the day going through the city streets and shops.

All in all, day well spent.


That’s all for now folks,