London Tour: Tourist spots and Unpredictable Weather

I found this tweet online and I can honestly say that I relate to it on almost a spiritual level. It was in the month of February when this happened, it is March now and I am still… (in millennial terms)… ‘SHOOK’.

One random day in February, it was nice and summery,

Students seating under the sun by the lake. Temperatures as high as 18 degrees Celsius were reported on this day.

and then the next,

my first visit to the London Eye. It was a day characterized by strong winds, low temperatures, and rainfall.

Evidently, I was shocked at the drastic turnaround of the weather.

Nonetheless, we are in the UK after all, the weather is known to be unpredictable. All this is… fair.

I just wish I knew:

  • a) never to get ahead of myself
  • b) to make a habit of looking at the weather report every morning

One good TIP I received from my peers is to always have an emergency umbrella on hand. 

However, with recent wind speeds reaching up to 40-50mph, it might be to one’s best interest to have on a hooded-coat instead, or at least some form of rain-protection that would not be easily swept away by the wind.


Furthermore, this is not often discussed, but, the weather, really does affect one’s overall state of mind. Personally, I find that ‘low’ moments in a day, feel much lower when the weather is cold and grimy than when it is sunny. University life has undoubtedly and expectedly already presented me with a fair share of ‘low’ days already. If you also experience this, I find that at ‘low’ times, surrounding yourself and talking to friends (especially optimistic ones) can help lift the mood. When you talk about it you discover that …(once again in millennial terms) … “it be like that sometimes”  i.e. life has its ups and downs and there is always a silver lining or a way through 🙂


My Bulgarian friend says this time is the coming of Spring; a time characterized by sunshine amidst the rain and most importantly, regrowth (or rebirth). She handed me “Martinista” on the 1st of March.

a red and white ribbon worn around the wrist

It is a time that makes me particularly hopeful. For one, the modules in this second semester are allowing me to once again fall in love with my course, and find beauty within all the complexity…. – shoutout to Linear Algebra! 🙂


Here are some more pictures I took on the day of my London tour.

The church of the royal wedding – a magnificent structure.


the national gallery


m&m world!

That is all for now folks!