Mid -Semester Updates

It’s climate week!

An exciting week indeed when ALL your questions about climate change are answered…

I remember when I joined the University of Surrey, I was surprised by how seriously environmentalism is taken here. The university has a very strong Environment and Sustainability department and my short time on the Global Graduate Award (GGA) sustainability course has allowed me to learn so much, about it and from it.


I have been planning to make a considerable move towards living a sustainable lifestyle e.g. as a vegan or to produce zero-waste, and I am feeling very pumped up to start that journey seriously this week.

Already, I try as much as I can to be environmentally friendly. I recycle, I do not buy plastic water bottles, I walk to school and town as much as possible, among many other things I also buy the unpackaged bananas in Tesco 🙂

….but… I have some not-so-good habits too.

For one, I prefer printed lecture notes to the online ones. I do not know why I have this preference… I just do. It is one of the things I will be working on; my diet and means of transport will be in the spotlight as well. I will be analyzing my methods so that I can live more sustainably.

Of course, I will be documenting this journey from Guildford. I would like to think this is a very environmentally-aware town. Nonetheless, wish me luck!

Rooftop view of the University… climate week!

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In other news, it is mid-semester already!!!

Funny how time flies so quickly… I could’ve sworn it was January just a second ago… well, c’est la vie…

With mid-semester comes mid-terms and the library is once again at peak capacity!

TIP: My favorite floor in the library is the first one because I am able to get so much work done there. Unfortunately, this is a very popular preference and so most times during this period, it is much harder to get a seating space…. but, just between you and me… floor three has other good, quiet study spaces. Only a few students know how to access it, making for a good alternative.

You can thank me later 😉


That’s all for now folks,


Best, Anne