Location, location, location

One thing I absolutely love about the University of Surrey is its’ location.

Surrey University is only a bus ride away from the wonderful town of Guildford. This one of the wonderful things about the campus buses, they not only can drop you off at the train station, but they go directly into the town centre.

There have been plenty of days where my friends and I have had one lecture early on a Wednesday morning or just needed a bit of a study break, and have ventured into the Guildford town centre for a bite to eat and retail therapy. There are loads of the trendiest shops to buy from, and some divine spots for a nibble – coming from South Africa I always fancy a wholesome Nando’s meal. There is also the occasional street farmers market, which I absolutely love, in one of the high streets.

Due to my driver’s license pending, I take the train, so it’s really useful and rather convenient that the train station is right next to Uni (which the bus also travels to and fro, but I prefer to walk). The Guildford train station also has routes to Heathrow and Gatwick Airport for those who travel back home over breaks and holidays, which allows for an easy and stress-free commute.

You can’t forget exciting London. There are fast trains from Guildford that go straight into London Waterloo, giving every student the opportunity of exploring London whenever you feel like it.

Guildford is also in the beautiful country side, so the town centre is not as busy as London, but it still has the feeling of being in the city. The perfect balance for the country and city lovers.

I might also just add for those missing home, there is a South African shop on Aldershot Road, which isn’t too far from the Uni, that sells biltong, rusks, boerewors and many of my other favourites that’ll make you feel at home again! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

I’ll see you here this time next week!