Hi everyone!

Let’s start off by appreciating how beautiful the past couple of days have been. The sun must think we are still outside the way it’s been shining. Here is a photo:

In my last blog post, I spoke about the new lock-down policy implemented here in the UK amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The main message the Prime-Minister is sending is that we need to stay indoors for our own safety and for the safety of those around us… I made a critical and extremely difficult decision to stay in Guildford rather than to go back home, and there were many factors leading up to this:

  1. For the safety of my family: This one goes without saying; I am at a higher risk of contracting the virus if I tried to travel back home. International airports are becoming increasingly dangerous as they harbor people from all around the world. I definitely would not want to be carrying it back home to my family.
  2. My Second Home: The university has a huge field and great natural scenery. Not only does this mean I can enjoy my one-exercise-a-day outside, but it also means my mood is always lively. When the sun shines, the situation does not seem as gloomy after-all; especially when it shines on a campus as beautiful as ours.

This has not been an unbearable decision because anything I need is basically right at my doorstep:

  • Supplies

My accommodation is right by the Tesco super-store. I do not need to travel far for essentials if I ever need any.

  • Working-out

I live by the Surrey Sports Park field and this means I can go there to stretch my legs every-so-often. The field is wide enough that I am never in contact with anybody else, it is also beautiful and well-maintained making my jogs that-much-more captivating.

Next-bike has a station in Manor Park too which means that if I do not feel like jogging, I can ride a bike and it only costs a £1 for 30 minutes or £10 for the full day.

Within the health-guidelines, I am allowed to go exercising with people within my household, to me, that’s my flatmates and boy am I so glad they stayed behind. It motivates my work-out knowing that I am not doing them alone.

  • Staying connected

The University WiFi is very fast which means this all goes on very smoothly.

  • Apps and Technology

I do not know if you have heard of this before, or perhaps I might be introducing you to a fun new innovation. Netflix Party is an extension that allows you to watch movies with friends even though you are not physically next to them.

The House-Party App allows me to have group video calls, talking to multiple members of my family or friends at the same time! This doesn’t sound new or exciting yet.. well the best part about the App is that there is also an in-built feature that allows you to play games such as charades with your friends and/or family.

And at this point, I have more or less figured out a daily routine. I wake- up, I do my online classes, I work-out when the day is hottest (this is usually midday -It was a sunny 12 degrees Celcius yesterday!) then I watch a movie with my friends or I call them. Then sleep. Then repeat.

I am hoping and praying that everyone remains safe during this time.

That’s all for now folks,