Looking forward to summer in the UK!

Hello again everyone and happy Spring if you’re currently in the Northern hemisphere!

The weather has been so lovely in the last couple of weeks here in the UK, and although the next week seems to be a bit gloomy here, I am hopeful that the sunshine will return in no time.

The UK during the summer is unlike anything else. The sound of the birds chirping in the morning, seeing all of the flowers blooming, everyone out and about, the ability to go on a picnic. Absolute bliss if you ask me!

Seeing as the lockdown is being eased now in the UK, I think you could say that everyone is buzzing for what the summer holds. In this week’s post, I thought I’d share some ideas of activities that you could do if you find yourself in the UK this summer 😁

The first and probably the most accessible idea involves the use of the rentable bikes that can be found all around campus. The process of renting the bikes is super easy, they’re not expensive and they provide you with a super fun, impromptu activity for a day in the sun! Just the other day, I rented two bikes with my boyfriend and we rode the bikes around Guildford, sat down in one of the parks and had a lovely little picnic as a break before we got back on the bikes. The opportunities are endless. You could take the bikes down to the centre of town, to Stoke park, around the Stoughton area, anywhere your heart desires!

One of the more pricey ideas is a day trip to Wild Wood Adventures in Stoke Park. Once the weather is nice and warm, you might find that these zip-line courses are the perfect thing to get your summer started on an exciting note. I think it would be such a nice day out, and maybe after you’ve gone zip-lining with friends or family, you could all sit down to a nice picnic in Stoke Park as well. Also, the park is massive, so you’ll be sure to find a space that is socially distanced from other groups of people.

One idea that you don’t have to travel far for is right on our main Stag Hill campus. The marquee is opening up again in a few days and i’m sure it’s going to be a great place to go and relax in, study in or socialise in during the rest of the semester and probably after the exam season if it remains open during that time. So, once it opens again, be sure to go and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

If you can manage to find a booking, the pubs with outdoor seating in town will be a great place to spend your summer afternoons with friends. A social atmosphere, great weather and good food is a recipe for a great summer’s day and if this is your first summer here in the UK, I highly recommend it. Some of the pubs located nearby the river do some amazing outdoor seating options, and they’ll give you the nice and scenic background that you’ll want on your day out on the town.

Once the warmer weather arrives, I bet the lake will be your new best friend. Go on down to the lake, take some refreshments, maybe some snacks and your University work and have a productive day whilst getting some fresh air. Be sure to take a blanket with you and anything else you might need, because once you see how nice it is, you’ll be spending quite some time there! If you’re finished all of your exams and your assignments, you could turn the lake into your new social spot. Grab some friends, drinks, a pack of cards or a game and enjoy your day out with friends! The opportunities are endless and there’s plenty of space to sit with your friends and even your family.

If you’re looking to venture outside of Guildford after the lockdown ends, there are plenty activities to keep you busy across the UK. If you don’t want to travel too far, you could always take a day trip to Woking and explore the area with your friends and family. London is another great option, with there being endless opportunities, such as the paddle boats that you can rent in Hyde park, museums and all of the other tourist attractions that the city has to offer. If you fancy a beach setting, you could take a train down to Brighton and spend the day by the Pier or by the beach. Don’t be afraid to research other places across the UK. The train station is super close to the University and it’s never a bad idea to explore the UK!

Don’t be afraid to do some research about activities and things to do both in Guildford and outside of it. Summer time in the UK is a great experience and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Please be sure to stay safe no matter where you are and take care of yourself.

That’s all from me this week, and I hope you have a lovely weekend coming up!