Winters in the UK

Hello, hello!

We’re in the middle of winter here in the UK right now and I thought I could give you guys some tips/advice on how to survive the winters here. Coming from a warm climate like Dubai, I was really under prepared for my first winter in the UK, but I’ve adapted now and I feel like I can pass on some helpful tips so you don’t have to suffer through the cold.

Layer up!

A good winter coat is ESSENTIAL. Thin jackets and cardigans will not carry you through the UK winters. Try to get a coat that is rain resistant or waterproof as it rains quite a bit here during the winters. Scarves, beanies and gloves can be your best friends as well. My hands always get cold here and gloves are a lifesaver sometimes. If you need extra layers, you can take a quick walk from the university, down to the Primark in town to buy some thermal vests and trousers. They really help to add warmth under clothing and just help to seal in all of your extra body heat and they’ll keep you warm when you’re out or even at night when you’re in bed.

Eat according to the weather

During the colder months, it can really help to eat warmer foods. Research some really good soup and stew recipes that you can make on days when its really cold. Soups are quite easy to make, and when paired with breads or other side meals, they can really power you through the cold and dark winter nights. Plus, soups don’t take too long to make and you can even buy pre-made soups at Tesco, that you just need to heat up.

Make sure you have enough medication

Colds and flus can really knock you down at certain periods during the winter and it’s important that you’re prepared to either prevent them or treat them when you become ill. Make sure you talk to your GP or family doctor for advice about what kinds of vitamins you need to keep you healthy during the winter, as well as throughout the rest of the year. Lemsip and other paracetamol-based medications can really help when you have a fever or illness related headache. Just make sure you’re taking them responsibly and follow the directions on the individual packets you’re taking.

Be active

Make sure you pack your running shoes and that you’re staying active during the winter. It’s easy to fall into a rut and become lazy. Try to go for a walk at least a couple of times a week, and you can even sign up to the gym at the Surrey Sports Park in Manor park or at some of the gyms located near the town centre.

Take care of yourself

If you’re feeling ill, please take some time off of your daily routine and make sure you’re resting enough. You’re not going to recover in a good amount of time if you’re pushing yourself and going to lectures even when you’re sick. You’re going to put other people at risk of catching your illness as well, so it’s not beneficial for anyone if you leave the house while you’re sick. Other health aspects you need to take care of pertains to your skin! Make sure you’re taking care of your skin and that you’re moisturising properly, as the UK winters are very drying and if left for too long, your hands and skin can start to crack and even bleed. Drink plenty of water as well, and buy some teas that you might like, to stay hydrate overall.

Have a proper pair of rain boots/shoes you don’t mind ruining.

As it rains quite a bit during the winters here, make sure you have a pair of rain boots or some type of shoe that can withstand the rain. Shoes can get ruined quite easily with all of the mud and especially when it starts snowing, all of that muddy sludge can really mess up your shoes. So get something that can either withstand these weather conditions or something can easily be cleaned.

Buy reusable hand warmers, a hot water bottle, and blankets

You can get rechargeable and reusable hand warmers on Amazon and all you have to do is put them in the pockets of your coat and they’ll be able to keep your hands warm when you’re out and about. A hot water bottle can really help in your room as well, especially if you’re renting privately and don’t want to turn on the heating and risk having to pay a lot for your house bills. Blankets are also a saviour and can really dictate whether or not you get a good nights sleep during the winters.

That’s all from me this week and hopefully this has helped you guys a bit.

Until next time!