Personal experience with diversity at University student accommodation

Hello everyone

Building on from my last post, I am going to highlight my first-hand experience with diversity at the University of Surrey student accommodation. Since when I joined the University, I have been living at one of the student accommodations on campus called Stag Hill Court. There are several types of accommodation offered by the University both at the main Stag Hill Campus and also at Manor Park and Hazel farm (if you want to find out more about University student accommodation, please feel free to follow this link,

My accommodation at Stag Hill Court is a band C, which basically means a standard single room in a house that has a large kitchen, five other single rooms without washbasins, and two split-levels (duplex) rooms.

Currently, am sharing the house with 8 other students, all of them being postgraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. students. The 8 students come from 4 different nations, Fiji, Iran, India, and China. If you add my country, Tanzania, this makes 5 nationalities living in one house!

I have enjoyed what this diversity entails for all the time that I have been living in this house because you get to learn so much from cultures to different dishes from all these countries. Speaking of dishes, previously we organized a day where everyone in our house-cooked, their traditional meal for everyone else to sample the food and get to learn more about the story behind the food, and how it is prepared.

Some of the different dishes from 5 nations cooked on this day.

This was a creative way for us to celebrate the diversity that we have in our house.

Have a good one everyone!