A trip to the Eden Project!

Hello again everyone!

Since the summer vacation has somewhat officially started and most of you are done with your exams, I thought I could blog about a fun trip that I went on to maybe give you guys some inspiration for visiting as well.

So… The Eden Project.

It’s located down in Bodelva, Cornwall and is home to the most spectacular biomes. It hosts two biomes: the Mediterranean Biome and the Rainforest Biome, both of which are filled with the most beautiful plants, birds and artwork. In addition to the two Biomes, it houses another structure known as ‘The Core’, which according to the Eden Projects’ website is “home to our Invisible Worlds exhibition, which explores the interconnectedness of life and the environment at every scale“.

Picture I took of the Biomes at the Eden Project

In all honesty, prior to when I went with my boyfriend and friends, I thought it was just going to be another botanical garden, just larger in scale. But it was much more.

I got to learn a lot not only about the plants housed in the biomes, but also about the agricultural practices of various countries. You come to understand the value of the plants not only to the economies of certain countries, but also to their cultures and heritage.

Aside from the educational aspect of visiting the Eden Project, the place is something spectacular. There are beautiful sculptures everywhere, the architecture is stunning and the sheer size of the area is massive.

Example of the beautiful sculptures located all around the Eden Project

It was also really nice to see some of the plants native to South Africa. It felt like a little piece of home and was definitely a welcomed sight as I haven’t been home in almost three years.

A piece of advise though! Wear sunscreen!! And wear clothes that are breathable and if you like, even carry a hand held fan or something you can cool yourself off with. It was super warm and you’re in direct sunlight for quite a bit of time while you’re there, so it’s important to keep yourself cool. It’s also a bit humid in some of the areas within the Biomes, as they have waterfalls, but its definitely worth it.

I would highly suggest you guys go and check out the Eden Project. It is quite far from Surrey, but the trip and the sight is well worth the visit.

That’s all from me this week 😁 I hope you guys have a wonderful week coming up!