Leisure activities in Guildford and the surrounding

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have had a great semester since my last post.

I am now officially done with third year, and am now in that position where I don’t know what to do during the days and am finding myself becoming increasingly bored.

So, I thought that I could maybe compile a list of leisure activities and ideas for you guys in case you’re as bored right now as I am 😅

The Guildford Spectrum

The Spectrum has a bunch of great activities that you and your friends can do. They have an ice skating rink, a bowling alley and a leisure pool. So if you’re wanting something different to what you and your friends normally do, then I’d highly suggest you guys go check out the Spectrum. Plus, the ice skating rink does a bunch of fun events like ‘Ice Disco’ where they dim the lights and play really nice music.

The lake on campus

Although the lake is a nice place to visit all year round, its especially nice during the Spring/Summer months. They’ve now set up picnic tables by the lake, and it makes a great place to hang out with your friends or even study if you’re still in your exam season. I would highly suggest checking it out!

Mini Golf

At certain points throughout the year, they host Mini Golf in Stoke Park. Although I’ve never been to that one specifically, Mini Golf is always a nice pastime and a great way to try something new with friends and/or family. So have a look out and check out their availabilities online so you and your friends can book!

Take a day trip to Woking

Woking is only a couple of minutes away from Guildford by train and provides a nice change of scenery if you’re looking to get out of Guildford for a bit. They have a fairly large shopping centre there if you’re looking to do some more shopping, they have museums, another Mini Golf place, and plenty of other things/activities that could suit your fancy. So if you’re in need of something different, then I’d highly suggest taking a trip to Woking with your friends.

Wild Wood Adventure

Another great activity in Stoke Park! It’s essentially a small amusement centre, where they offer zip lining and various other treetop activities. It’s a nice way to combine physical activity with amusement, and is within walking distance of the town centre. So if the weather is good and you’re looking for an activity you wouldn’t normally do, then definitely check it out.

Thorpe Park

A fan favourite among many. Although you will need to either take a train or drive there, it really is such a fun day out. They have a bunch of different rides and attractions for people of all ages, and they have various themed days and events that you can attend all throughout the year.

If you’re wanting to venture further than Guildford

London is always a great option for when you’re wanting to go a bit further than Guildford and the surrounding Surrey area. Another great destination is Brighton! There are a bunch of fun activities to do in Brighton, including the Brighton Pier, the i360, they have a wonderful beach there and there are so many fun activities and wonderful restaurants to explore in town.

That’s all from me this week!

I hope I’ve given you guys some fun ideas of what you could do if you’re finding yourself becoming bored right now.