Nearing the end of third year!

Hello again everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good Easter break thus far.

If you’re in third year right now, you probably spent most of your Easter break doing coursework, studying and completing your dissertation.

You’re not alone in that boat, as I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to finish all of the work that is due in a couple of days. It seems never ending but at least the end is in sight.

It is a bit bittersweet to know that my time here at Surrey is nearing an end. I’ve spent the last four years on this campus and it has pretty much been my home throughout the pandemic and travel restrictions.

I will miss hearing the sound of the cathedral bells ringing throughout the campus. I will miss seeing all of the pets on campus during the PetSoc Dog walks and I will miss the feeling of working in the library late at night trying to finish coursework.

I have been trying to make the most of my time left on campus, so on my breaks from studying and doing coursework, I’ve been trying to take a couple of walks by the lake or just around campus and town. The lake is always the most peaceful place on campus, so it is a nice getaway from the chaos of coursework and dissertation writing.

If some of you are struggling to make it through all of the deadlines and coursework, I would like to share some tips with all of you to make it a little bit easier.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or feel like you have writers block, think about maybe taking a short walk, either alone or with a friend/loved one. Every time I have been stuck on a coursework or on part of my dissertation, I’ve taken a walk to think through how I would like to structure/address the problem at hand. The fresh air is always nice and probably helps quite a bit to clear the mind and to make everything seem a bit clearer. Just bundle up and wear something warm if you’re going for a walk at night in Guildford as it is still quite cold.

If you have enough time before a deadline, break up the coursework or dissertation into pieces, and do a piece or two everyday. This will help with not feeling so overwhelmed with having to do every part of a coursework all in one go, and could really help you to make your writing and ideas clearer. Always leave a day to a couple of days to review and look over the writing, as you might find mistakes you hadn’t seen before.

Another great idea is to find someone who will join you for study/work sessions in the library. This will help you to not feel so alone in doing the work and will provide you with friendly conversation while you’re taking breaks from your work. Plus, the library has a bunch of different work sections, ranging from silent study areas to group study areas. So, based on your mood on a particular day, there will always be a place for you and your friends to study.

If you’re dealing with writing your dissertation right now, make use of your dissertation supervisor and ask if you can send them a rough draft of your work thus far. They’ll possibly be able to provide you with really valuable feedback and this will only make your writing process that much easier.

Make sure you’re taking breaks! I’ve probably said this in every tip-based blog I’ve written, but I cannot stress it enough. Do not work for hours on end, because not only will you get burnt out, your quality of writing will go down and this will most likely have a negative impact on your grades.

Talk to your friends and family if you’re struggling, and if you require other assistance if you’re struggling mentally, try talking to the staff at the Centre for Wellbeing on campus. They’ll be able to provide you with assistance and will provide you with the necessary resources to get through a challenging time. Exam times and the end of semesters are always difficult and there is no shame in seeking help if you’re struggling.

I hope you guys have a wonderful end of semester, and that all of your work/studying goes well and good luck!

That’s all from me for now, bye!