My Favourite Spots on Campus

Easter break is almost over. April through June is always special as we gear up for the closing of the semester and the start of exam season. In my case, it is especially unique as this is my last semester at Surrey. Regardless of which point you are at in your educational journey, the end of Easter break can mean it gets quite hectic in the coming few months. But it’s Spring, so we need to also make sure to stop and smell the roses! So without further ado, here are my three favourite hang out spots on campus where you’ll probably find me studying or taking my lunch breaks for the rest of the academic year.

The Lake:

Perhaps the most obvious spot on this list, the lake is lovely this time of year. It is an important monument of the University of Surrey campus. It’s nice to go there for a break every once in a while, but especially these days as the sun starts coming out more often, sitting on the benches by the lake with a book and your lunch is unmatched. You get to sit in the sun, there’s a slight breeze, and you can admire the tranquillity of nature (and watch the ducks who have taken residence in the lake!)

The Hideout:

This is one of the many cafés on campus. It’s right by PATS field at the front of the campus and fulfils all of one’s cosy café dreams. I honestly love going to this café all-year around. As the name suggests, it’s not at the centre of campus, and so is a nice spot if, like me, you like cafes but not ones that are overwhelmingly busy most of the time. It’s a nice spot to study, read, hang out with friends, or even people-watch. Café’s are fitting for every season, no matter if it’s raining out or the sun is shining, it’s always a warm place to be, and The Hideout is no exception.

The Front Room:

This is the room provided by the Student’s Union for Surrey students to hang out in! It’s full of cool furniture and pool tables, and is sometimes the location of society events. But when it’s not booked, it’s a nice place to be. I will say I would go there more to hang out with friends or people-watch though, rather than to study. On Thursdays when food trucks fill the outside space of the front room, and the fruit market is just next door, it becomes even nicer. You’ll definitely like this spot if being in a moving environment is your thing. I personally prefer the outside of the front room to the inside, especially as the weather is getting better. It’s nice to sit outside with a few friends on lunch break while the rest of the campus moves around you.

Those were my favourite spots on campus to be at this time of year! I hope you enjoyed this short read, and that you experience these comforting spots too!