The Student Experience

As we say goodbye our students for another summer, it seems apt to delve into the archives to discover the ways in which students throughout the University of Surrey and Battersea Polytechnic lived their lives as students.


Here is just a snapshot of the ways in which student life is represented in the archives.


You can go right through from application, with our collection of prospectuses:

P1010210 P1010207 P1010208


Accommodation guides:


P1010204 P1010206



To fresher’s week:


P1010200 P1010202


To the social life of being a student – sporting clubs and societies and student publications:


P1010203 P1010209



To the inevitable – exams!  Reflected in our collection of examination papers.

P1010212 P1010211



Finally finishing up (hopefully) with the graduation ceremony.





All this and more can be seen in the University Archives.  If you are interested in seeing anything in more detail, please email us