New Report: ‘UK Digital Transformation Strategy’


By Surrey Business School’s CoDE (Centre for the Digital Economy)

The last few weeks have seen the release of a flurry of new documents aimed at stimulating the digital economy and accelerating adoption of digital technologies. Discussion within and across government has resulted in a series of new digital government initiatives – not just the aims, ambitions and methods for the UK’s economy, but also how the government itself will transform. Three documents form the heart of this “reboot” for digital transformation in the UK: The UK Digital Strategy, the UK government transformation strategy, and the Digital Economy Bill.

Find out here what you need to know about the Government’s latest digital agenda in Professor Alan Browns (Founder of CoDE) report on ‘UK Digital Transformation Strategy’. Which sectors, issues and focus areas are influencing the government’s approach, and forcing its hand? How will the government attempt to re-define its own business model? Government’s ability to understand, arbitrate, and regulate is being severely tested; what could this mean for personal data rights? We’re poised on the figurative border between dystopian vision and economic prosperity; the better we understand how digital is shaping the future, the more the choice between the two will remain in our hands.