Dublin Tech Summit 2017

Recently three Surrey Business School students Vova Fedoriv, Serik Nurasyl and Vjaceslav Horbac had a chance to present their startup app company – Felix Math at Dublin Tech Summit 2017.

Dublin Tech Summit was a collaboration of global leaders in innovation, technology and business from Ireland and around the globe. It was spread over a period of two days and had approximately 10,000+ attendees, 50+ world media, 200+ speakers, many global investors as well 100 top startups.  

With the help of Surrey Business School we had a great opportunity to represent the university at Dublin Tech Summit with our app that teaches students how to solve math problems by using latest advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. You simply take a picture of almost any Math problem and within seconds, you get step-by-step explanation and background theory for the given Math problem. Our primary goal was to talk to investors as well as potential customers to see what would be their reaction to our app.

To be honest, the experience was at least x100 better that we expected! During the summit we literally had hundreds of people come by our booth, and at multiple times there were queues of approximately 5-10 people waiting to have a chance to try our product (there wasn’t any other startup that had the same problem, or luck…) and we’ve also met with some Surrey alumni!

Also, because we passed the rigorous selection from the summit board, we were selected in the top 100 startups and presented our app in front of a professional jury. We then gradually progressed into top 50 and finally top 10. Although we didn’t make the cut into top 3, which was a shame, but given the fact that we’d lost quite a lot of points due to our youth and inexperience (the average age in the team that won was roughly 50+), it was still a great achievement and proof that Surrey Business School is great place to nurture next batch of world class entrepreneurs!

To wrap it up, it was a tremendous experience and we’ve received a massive load of feedback that we’ve spent over a month coding into our app. The summit wasn’t just the feedback though, we managed to get attention of many journalists in the UK as well as Ireland that write for leading newspapers and online publications. with interviews being published soon.

In addition to that we were in the epicentre of business networking. We had very interesting people approaching us and giving us tips, advice and their contacts. It was very surprising to see how the right timing and location can boost you to a totally new level. Our team was impressed with the summit and afterwards had a chance to share the experience with some of our fellow university classmates and friends. We believe that we found new horizons to look up to and hope to disrupt the educational market very soon! Stay tuned…

Thank you so much to Surrey Business School for the opportunity to be there! It was really amazing.

Ps: If you really want to help us out, please download our app at felixmath.com, tell your younger siblings & cousins about us and finally don’t forget to leave a 5 star rating in the AppStore! Thanks!

All the best,

Serik, Vova and Nurasyl.