Student reaches top 3 at Bloomberg’s Investment Challenge 2017

A postgraduate student, Imran Beeharry studying for an MSc in Corporate Finance has come 3rd in Bloomberg’s Investment Challenge 2017, open to participants from all UK universities. The competition ran from 13th March – 28th April and attracted approximately 140 participants from universities across the UK.

Each participant invested a notional sum of £50m and Imran secured a very healthy return of 7.93% on initial capital of £50 million for the six week period.

Imran commented:

“The Bloomberg Investment Challenge enabled me to gain a deep insight into the global financial markets. It was exciting to see how things changed instantly when news hit the market and how that impacted portfolios.  

Having studied the Bloomberg Market Competency (BMC) programme and participated in the investment challenge, I managed to develop a basic familiarity with the software which helped me in my interviews for one of the leading European investment management firms.

This challenge encourages students to develop their skills in Bloomberg, which proves to be an important transferable skill in the graduate market place and I would strongly recommend students to undertake the BMC training and take part in the challenge next year”.

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