Digital MBA final project continues to leave lasting impact

MBA graduate Mei Dong, class of 2018 shares her experience with the MBA final consultancy project, leading to a permanent position…

  • Can you give us an overview of your final project?

My topic was “User acquisition of launching new platform”, which I carried out working with Brydg Capital, a property short-term financing firm in London. After 4 years exploring the market and combining the current technology such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Brydg had developed a lending platform that matches the lenders and borrowers instantly, processing the deals under great protections.

Brydg was motivated to develop more effective marketing strategies in order to better communicate with customers and the market. To achieve this goal, my report focused on identifying the value proposition and identifying stakeholders’ preferences of different communication channels.

The key finding of the report was that the Brydg platform feathers are attractive enough to the market; and the lending has built up its unique business atmosphere which mostly rely on personal level engagement.

I suggested that social networking events were a great method to engage people, also working well for maintaining customer relationships. In addition, online engagement still accounts for a significant part of marketing, for instance, website improvements, social media engagements, blog and newsletters. The benefit of using online tools is increasing brand awareness and building the trust of customers.

To deliver all the recommendations and finally achieve a desirable outcome, the project still needs several months to process. In addition, the marketing is an ongoing activity of any business.

  • Which specific elements of the course helped you secure your role?

The most useful module was Digital Marketing, it explained the concept of value proposition and different communication methods, which were very helpful in terms of developing acquisition strategies in my report.

The Advanced Consumer Behaviour module was also a big contributor to the website development. I have fully utilised the concept of social proof and the customer journey analysis.

In addition, learning about the entrepreneurship business model canvas concepts helped the report to gain a bigger picture of the whole business model and customer segmentations.

  • How is your new role going?

I started my role with Brydg 2 months after graduation and because of the previous experience I had with them I stared my job straightaway, and have been partially implementing my suggestions from the report, such as organising networking events and refining the website content and design.

In this role, I am hoping to gain more in-depth understanding of how to acquire users in the efficient way and how to improve the user experience. I believe this will be a great opportunity to develop my personal network in Fintech and real estate sectors. Also, it will enhance my professional skills and communication skills in the UK workplace.

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