Review of Alan Redman’s Numeracy Tests

Mechanical Engineering student, Ahmed Abdel Rahman found Numeracy Tests by
Alan Redman invaluable when applying for placements and provides his review below

Do you think there’s a way to get your dream placement? In Numeracy Tests Alan Redman gives a true, and detailed explanation on how to not only pass online tests and assessments to a degree but to ace them.

I wanted to complete a placement after my second year, but most placements require an online test to be completed. The better the result the greater chances of continuing the application, to the assessment centre or an interview. I needed help on increasing my mark for the online tests. I couldn’t get the answers I need from my friends or lecturers, so I decided to take initiative and to gain the knowledge myself. I was looking particularly for the numeracy test knowing that it was basic maths, but I needed to learn how I could apply it.

The book promised to help me practise and pass numeracy tests while answering any of my questions, or anxieties that I would be having while examined. This was done by splitting the different tests for the verbal reasoning into three, with different levels of difficulties.

The book delivered on all the points advertised, especially when it was spaced into different chapters for the various difficulty that could be encountered. This was done with an introduction on what the tests were used for as well as how to get into the correct mindset.

Each chapter had a small explanation of what differentiated the three tests. Each test had a different structure and time associated with it; this gave me both a reference and a target.

This was then followed by an example of that type of exam that would underline the points explained. The final part of the chapters was practice tests. The questions also have answers and there are enough tests to make good progress. This was my favourite part of the book.

The book had insider information in various sections of the book, providing questions and answers to common questions related to each section. This was hit and miss. Sometimes they were helpful, but most of the insider information delved into the history of the tests.

The author Alan Redman is a Chartered Psychologist who has developed verbal tests and other psychometrics for a wide range of large employers over the last 20 years. Alan uses his extensive experience in testing to bring advice, coaching and insider knowledge, as well as practice verbal test questions that are identical to the real thing.

The book was easy to read, understand and learn from. I enjoyed a lot of the content and believe that I have improved in taking this type of exam when I come across it. I would recommend this book, as I honestly wouldn’t mind buying or taking it out again as a reminder.


Limited copies of this book currently available to borrow from the Employability and Careers Centre library.