My first week in the real world!

Employees working in an office

After several applications and interviews for a gap year placement before going to university, I was able to secure a job in the heart of London. My first week at work was a bit of a culture-shock for me. Back in sixth form days, everyone chilled with their own groups, whereas in the workplace all employees work together towards a common goal.

Being a newbie means a lot of introduction and a lot of new names to remember. I only managed to remember 2 names, one was my line manager’s and the other was a similar name to my sister’s; this says a lot about my nerves during my first week at work. Unexpectedly l had meetings scheduled with nearly everyone in the senior leadership team including the CEO. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the company from their leading figures.

After meeting with my line manager to set some goals for the year, I was thrown in at the deep end and was asked to speak at an event the next day. I was speaking in front a 100 attendees and butterflies were fluttering like crazy the entire time. By the end of my placement, I was privileged to speak at the company’s Annual Conference in front of 800 delegates.

I survived my first week and I learnt that I wasn’t really being tested at work rather being taught. I found that the enthusiasm from my fellow colleagues allowed me to escape from my comfort zone and presented me with the learning opportunities that helped me to develop. I truly believe that is the mentality that drives a rather calm and healthy approach towards acing your first week at work.

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