How to improve your employability while working at home

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There is loads you can do from home to enhance your employability. Not only is there lots you can work on, but we have also packaged it in one module on Surrey Pathfinder. It’s called the Professional Training module – but really it is suitable for anyone who wants to start preparing for the world of work.

The module is suitable for all year groups

It takes you through every step of the placement or graduate job application process. So 1st years – if you’d like to get ahead of the game for placement year – you can start on it now. And 2nd and final year and Masters’ students – it will help you with your next steps.

You can make the most of time at home by dipping into the module when it’s convenient for you. There is even a handy app!

A smartphone showing the Icon for the Professional Training module on the Surrey Pathfinder app
The Professional Training module is on Surrey Pathfinder

Discover, Develop, Dive in, Deliver

The module has four sections. You can choose which ones you want to spend more time on depending on what you feel you need more practise on.

1. Discover

As well as taking you through what a placement year is, the Discover section also has tasks to help you assess what work you’d like to do. These tasks are suitable for those looking for placements or graduate roles. They include

  • what jobs will suit your personality
  • the kind of roles and companies you are looking for
  • what transferable skills you have

You can also take extra optional tasks and watch videos to guide you.

2. Develop

This helps you to understand how to sell yourself to employers. This section will take you through the job seeking process. It includes sections on

  • writing a relevant cover letter
  • writing a targeted CV
  • creating a LinkedIn profile

3. Dive In

This section takes you through how to research, apply for and secure your placement or graduate job. There are resources explaining

  • where to look for opportunities
  • how to apply for jobs
  • preparing for interviews
  • practising exercises for assessment centres
  • practising psychometric tests

All this means you can feel confident throughout the application process.

4. Deliver

This is the only section that is just for Placement students. When you have secured your placement the Deliver section will tell you

  • how to get your placement approved
  • extra steps to take if your placement is overseas
  • how your year will be assessed

It will also give you some hints and tips to make the most of your placement year.

The icon of the Professional Training module

Surrey Pathfinder App

The module is broken up into bite size chunks. Spend 5 minutes a day on it, and you’ll be well prepared for the year ahead.

So if you want to get prepared for your placement or graduate job – dip in to the Professional Training module today. 

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Written by Alix Gould, Professional Training and Employability Administrator at the University of Surrey