What you need to know about the Virtual Summer Recruitment Fair

The promotional image for the University of Surrey's Virtual Summer Recruitment Fair on 5 May. The image shows a smiling student with curly hair talking to an employer.

Our annual summer fair is taking place on Wednesday 5 May 10.30am-2.30pm. We know you are all used to doing things online now, but we thought it would be helpful to answer some of your questions about attending an online fair.

Do I need to book a place?

Yes – to make the most of the fair we advise booking in advance. This will enable you to view the exhibitors attending, book 1:1 slots and will make your experience on the day go more smoothly.

What is an online fair like?

A bit like a traditional fair, all the exhibitors will have a stand, where you will be able to find out more about organisation, view their live roles and ways, how you can engage with them during the fair.

Maria explains more about how the online fair works and walks you through the platform in this video.

Is the Fair suitable for all years?

Yes definitely! The Fair is a good opportunity to look for a graduate job, internship, or placement, and is also a space to research careers areas.

Here are some tips for what you can do before the fair, on the day and afterwards to make the most of the day.

Things to think about before the Fair

1. Research the exhibitors

Once you have booked onto the fair, have a look at all the exhibitors attending. Make sure you click the ‘Find out more’ box to read more about each exhibitor. You will also be able to view their live vacancies through the fair platform.

As well as attending employer presentations, you are now also able to book 1-2-1 chats with employers. These sessions are 10 minutes long and can be booked in advance on a first-come-first-served basis. Check the ‘Chat with Team’ links for further information. Please note that some exhibitors will only be running group sessions.

For exhibitors you are particularly interested in, also have a look at their website. This will help you come up with useful questions on the day.

Use the fair to find out about companies that you have not heard of, and sectors that you had not considered previously. You may find sources of careers inspiration by doing this. If you are a student who has no set idea about what you want to do, visit as many employers as you can. This will give you a great understanding of the types of jobs that are out there.

2. Make sure your IT is working

Most of the exhibitors will be using MS Teams, Zoom and WebEx on the day. Make sure these platforms are all working on your device. For help using these platforms please see the resources section at the bottom of the blog.

If you are having problems with your IT, you can contact IT Services on ITServicedesk@surrey.ac.uk. But we advise to do this before the day of the fair.

3. Update your CV and LinkedIn profiles

Many of the exhibitors will have live vacancies that they are actively looking to recruit for. You can research this in advance. Update your CV so that it is tailored for your favourite type of roles. Remember that you can have several versions of your CV if you are interested in different types of roles.

It is also very normal to ask someone you meet at a fair if you can connect with them on LinkedIn. So make sure therefore that your LinkedIn profile is up to date.

We have resources to help you with your CV and LinkedIn in the resources section at the bottom of this blog. You can also book appointments to get your CV or LinkedIn profiles checked.

4. Make a plan for the day

Many of the exhibitors will have timed presentations and slots that can be booked in advance. Make a plan, so that you visit and book onto everything that you want to. Make sure you have this written down to avoid any clashes. There is no need to attend for the entire day, and a plan will help with this. Make sure you factor breaks in, this will make you more able to have positive engagement on the day.

5. Check your appearance

If it’s been a while since you spoke to others outside your family, or since you have been in a workplace make sure you look professional.

Find out our tips for a successful online fair experience here.