My placement year running my own business

Jamina standing in front of a brick wall

Why Jamina won the award

Psychology student Jamina won the Resilience Award in the University’s Professional Training Awards following her placement year working on her own business with Student Enterprise at the University.

The judges said, ‘Jamina becomes our first entrepreneur winner of a PT Award! She epitomises the resilience needed to start and run a business.’

Watch Jamina’s presentation to find out more about more about what she did during her year.

What Jamina says about the professional training year

‘I definitely recommend a professional training year to students who are curious about the industry they aspire to work in.

‘There’s a huge array of skills that can be obtained, developed, and refined during the placement year and there are many exciting opportunities that can’t go missed!

‘It’s also a great opportunity to grow in confidence and network with industry professionals.’