Welcome to University of Surrey

Welcome to our 2019 Children’s Nursing Cohort to the University of Surrey!! We are so excited to have you all here and watch you start your journey to becoming qualified Children’s Nurses! 

Just a quick blog post to remind you of how to make the most of your first couple of weeks at Surrey. 

-Enjoy freshers week, you’re at the advantage this year of having your welcome week during freshers week. So enjoy getting to know your housemates and fellow nurses whilst also getting to know Guildford and Rubix’s nightlife. 

-Go to all of the sessions on your welcome week timetable, they will be so valuable to you in the first few weeks including being able to find your way around campus, accomodation inductions and (the most exciting) uniform fittings!

-Go to freshers fair and really look at all the stalls and sign up for all the societies you’re interested in and feel like trying. You don’t have to commit, many societies will let you try before you officially join. 

-One tip I was recently told about on Twitter was to write on a post it note or piece of paper right now why you want to become a nurse and achieve over the next three years and whenever you’re having a wobble look at it and remind yourself why you started. 

-Take a picture of yourself before you start your degree so you can compare it with a picture when you finish (you’ll have a few more wrinkles than when you started).

-Ask questions, welcome week is a perfect time to ask all the burning questions you currently have as I can assure you there will be other people in the room that are wondering the same things so be brave and ask, no question is stupid! 

Author: Tia Dolphin, Year 3 Student

Disclaimer: This blog contains personal opinions of students only and does not necessarily represent the views of the Children’s Nursing team, School of Health Sciences or the University of Surrey.

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